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Mayer Group provides US Customs brokerage services through all US-Mexico land ports of entry.  We are stationed in Nogales, AZ but hold a national license and can remotely file to any port.  

* Receive updates on your shipment or use online tracking

* If you are shipping through the Nogales Port of Entry we’ll work with your current Mexican Broker or give you contact           information of those that we have a working relationship with. You can find information on this link.

* We assist our registered customers with many aspects of the importation process.

* Importer Bonds

* Register with US customs as an importer

* Registering your foreign food facility with the FDA

* Connect you with our fellow US warehousing and transportation partners

To get started please get in contact with us via e-mail, or during business hours by phone or by using the live chat located in the bottom right of you screen.  There are forms on the bottom that we require to start providing you service,  If you fill them out and scan them to us we will contact you and that will expedite the process.  The Power of Attorney is required from those parties who will act as importer of record,  the customer profile will give us the information we need about your shipments such as the US consignee, the shipper/grower, the first warehouse the shipment will arrive to, the transportation company that will cross the border and billing party and any preferences they may have.  The NAFTA certificate of origin is required for all shipments which seek NAFTA preferential treatment.  

We assist our registered customers with many aspects of the importation process.  If its an importer bond that you need, or you need to register with US customs as an importer or your foreign food facility needs to register with FDA, we are more than happy to assist you with these matters. 


If its warehousing or transportation in the US that you need we can assist you with contact information for service providers.

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